• Server-side JavaScript in five minutes.
    No compiling. Git Deployment.

    Node.JS, Express.JS, RailwayJS already compiled/configured. nginx already configured and running on boot. CouchDB, MongoDB and redis running on boot. CoffeeScript support for VIM, ssh port reassigned, and more. Deploy with git push.

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The difference between Cure and other providers

  • Complete control without the need to compile and configure every server from scratch.

    Node, nginx already running, mongodb running on boot, couchdb, simple git deployment, example RailwayJS blog sample already generated, redis installed (for RailwayJS), CoffeeScript installed, VIM support for CoffeeScript installed, psmisc package installed (includes commands like 'killall'), ssh port reassigned, example CoffeeScript code to access MongoDB, example CoffeeScript ExpressJS app.

  • Databases included and already set up.

  • Install any software you want, no extra charge.

  • We do not try to decide how many virtual servers you need or put you in a pool sharing resources with any other users.

  • We don't make you go through a proxy like Joyent and some others.

    You get your own DNS entry for each machine.

  • WebSockets work.

  • You have complete control over each machine.

  • No packages to install or special commands to learn.